Friday, February 20, 2009

The Language of Youth

The language of today’s young adults is music. Churches that understand this new language will be able to effectively reach young adults. Many churches think that if they add drums or guitars to their worship services then they will automatically reach young people. While it is true that young adults prefer music that is more upbeat, the real secret to understanding their music is the emotions that their music displays.

Young adults often express their emotions best through music. They sing about their experiences and how those experiences make them feel. Their music is very personal. They often write music of their own. Their music comes from deep within them.

They use music to communicate how they feel about themselves, other people, politics, nature, and even spiritual matters. When it comes to spiritual matters, young adults prefer music that allows them to talk “to” God instead of just “about” God. Though they may prefer the music to be upbeat, what is more important to them is that it is filled with spiritual passion. They want to feel God not just know facts about Him. Worship services led by young adults display a passion for connecting to God that few other generations can fully comprehend.

You may not always like their music, but if you listen to it, you will come to understand them in very real ways. If your church can learn to speak the same “language” as these young adults, you may be surprised just how many of them may come to your church.

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  1. very insightful...thank you for for putting this up. it helps a lot :)