Friday, March 20, 2009

The Irony of Our Post-Modern Culture

Our post-modern culture has been struggling with the issue of human sexuality for the last decade. The state of Vermont, where I live, has been at the forefront of this debate. Nine years ago we were the first state to allow a legal "marriage-like" civil union for gays and lesbians. Now there is growing pressure in our state to make civil unions into actual marriages. There has been much in our local paper about this issue. I sent this letter to the editor of my local paper this morning and thought my blog readers might appreciate this unique twist on the subject.

Dear Editor,
I found great irony in the articles on the front page of yesterday’s Times Argus. The main headline said “Gay-marriage hearing fills House” while a smaller headline at the bottom of the page said “Vermont’s birth rate still lowest in the nation.” Regardless of what one may believe about the moral and religious issues concerning gay marriage, should gay marriage become the law in Vermont, it will only compound the low birth rate problem.

Gay marriages will never produce children. They may acquire children from other sources, but they will never produce them on their own. It simply can’t happen. I learned this in 7th grade biology class, and even with all the advancements in technology, biology is still biology.

For those who do not think that low birth rates are a problem, then consider the impact of low birth rates on local schools, on the work force and on long term tax revenue. Low birth rates are a problem. Gay marriage may not have caused the low birth rates, but they cannot help reverse the trend either. We should consider carefully the full impact of this proposed legislation on Vermont’s long term future.

Terry Dorsett, Director
Green Mountain Baptist Association
30 Jones Brothers Way, Suite B
Barre VT 05641


  1. Wally Tilleman at 8:55am March 20
    Good line of reasoning. This was Russia's problem and is currently China's problem with their one child per couple policy - they don't think of the unintended consequences of their decisions. However, there is that girl who became a guy and had a baby as a guy. Phew, this gets more complicated by the minute. why can't we just follow God's way???

  2. Scott Marsh at 10:02am March 20
    Great comments...I had brkfast this AM with a couple of guys and we all talked about our responsibility to speak up. Well done and well spoken..

  3. I like it. Good points.

  4. It is very interesting the responses I've gotten from this letter. I've received three nasty emails from various people on the liberal left who have seen this letter on either my blog or my Facebook account. One writer was such a coward that he didn't have the courage to even sign his name. Perhaps he's not as proud of his position as he says he is????
    All those people on the left basically called me a bigot. So much for "open-minded" and "tolerant" attitudes from the liberal left. While I know there are hypocrites on the "right" this experience has proved to me that there are just as many or perhaps even more hypocrites on on the liberal left. But I take great comfort in knowing that when we are persecuted for righteousness sake, we receive a blessing from God. So I'm thank for those three people who emailed the nasty notes to me, each of them was one more blessing from the Lord that comes from enduring persecution.