Monday, September 7, 2009

The Cost of the Happy Bubble

Recently I wrote on my blog about how our family tries to use our home as a safe haven for young people to hang out at. I referred to our house as a “happy bubble.” A number of people have enjoyed a good laugh about that particular blog. A number of people have also asked about the cost to us for using our home as a happy bubble. To be honest, there is a cost in time, money and energy.

A group of teenage boys can clean out the snack cupboard fast! They seem like human vacuum cleaners when they start eating. But what are a few bags of potato chips compared to a group of young people having a good time in a safe environment? And when the crowd leaves, its takes time to clean up all those empty bags of chips and vacuum the carpet because it’s amazing how many crumbs five bags of chips make! Choosing to use your home as a “happy bubble” will cost you something, but from our perspective the cost is well worth the results.

What are the results? Teens stayed off the streets. Teens stayed off drugs. Teens did not make any unexpected babies. Teens did not get into any fights. Teens had a good time. But most importantly, teens know they have a place they can go when they need it. And they know there is someone they can talk to when they need it. That’s the result of the happy bubble. Why not go create a happy bubble in your neighborhood today!

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  1. Hey there, thanks for the link to your latest blog post. I enjoyed reading it and I just wanted to comment that the commitment to make the "Happy Bubble" falls right in line with your commmitment to ministry vs. program. I don't know if you had thought of it like that yet, but I thought I would make the comment none-the-less. Thanks for all you do. I will continue to pray for you and your family.