Saturday, May 22, 2010

Healthy Postmodern Young Adults

Anyone who knows young adults realizes that their lives are often filled with brokenness. Because of the general sense of brokenness that exists in the next generation, it is easy to think that ALL young adults are messed up. Recently I was teaching a seminar on how to reach postmodern young adults with the Gospel of Christ. During the presentation I made some generalized statements regarding the brokenness of many postmodern young adults. When the seminar was over, a young woman came up to talk to me. We had a great conversation about what God was doing in the postmodern sub-culture. She followed up the conversation with a thoughtful Facebook message. One of the points she wanted to make was that not all postmodern young adults are messed up.

While many young adults with a postmodern world view may indeed have issues, there are also many who have managed to make the journey to adulthood by avoiding the major landmines that have destroyed many of their peers. They have found a deeply personal faith in Christ that helped them avoid the barriers placed in their path by the Enemy. Such healthy young adults are a reminder that God is at work in the next generation and that God has a plan for their future.

While we need to continue to be sensitive to young adults whose lives are filled with brokenness, we also need to make sure we don't lump ALL young adults together into one messed up demographic. We should recognize young adults who are healthy and have found a deep and meaningful faith in Jesus Christ. They may express their faith differently than older generations but they love the Lord and are seeking to serve Him. Instead of lumping them in with their broken peers and labeling them negatively, we should celebrate what God is doing in their lives. We should encourage them to take leadership in our congregations and help us reach other people in their sub-culture with the Gospel. Such healthy young adults are the future of our nation and of the church.


  1. It occurs to me that I should point out that "healthy" is not the same thing as "perfect." No one can be perfect, but we can be healthy.

  2. Amen to that, Mr. Dorsett! I'm 29 and was saved when I was 25... If only I had found the Lord during my teens, I probably would have avoided many mistakes and a lot of pain. But I believe that difficult, issue-ridden road was what helped me seek Him. Today I thank God that he meets me where I'm at -- though I am far from perfect -- He gives me what I need to be "healthy."
    This blog post is a breath of fresh air for young adults and youth who are trying to reach their potential, but often find that the world just doesn't take them seriously! Young adults have a lot to offer, but it takes role models like you to bring out the best in them. Keep supporting this new generation, and I believe they will blossom. Thank you!