Friday, July 16, 2010

Stranded in the Night

A week ago I got a flat tire. The particular tire I needed was a bit hard to find in the rural area which I live, so I had to drive on the spare for a week before the new tire came in. Yesterday the tire finally came in. I was in a hurry to get it changed and make it to a meeting. I went to a "quick fix" tire repair place and then went on my way thinking everything was okay. My meeting went very well. As the day drew to a close I was driving home late in the evening. I felt a wobble in the tire. Since I had been driving on a dirt road for much of my journey, I thought it might have been mud in the wheel. But as the wobble got worse, I thought that perhaps I had another flat. I began to slow down and started to pull over. Suddenly I heard a loud noise and to my utter amazement my brand new tire went rolling past me down the road and into the woods. The car came to a sudden stop and there I was beside the road on a dark night in the middle of nowhere. I used my cell phone to contact my wife, who called AAA. They sent a wrecker. I was sure happy when help finally arrived!

Today I reflected on yesterday's experience and realized it contains many parallels to real life. We often experience problems in life for which we seek to find quick fixes. Though the quick fixes that we use seem to get us back on the road to enjoying life, they do not really address the deeper issues. When we use quick fixes, it does not take long before the problem re-emerges. When the problem does re-emerge, it is often bigger and more complicated to correct than before. We must learn to take the time to fix our problems correctly. That may require calling for help, just as I had to contact my wife for help with the tire.

That is where the church comes in. The church is a family and we help each other when one of our members finds themselves stranded on a dark road in the middle of the night. We take the time to walk with each other through the darkness and help each other get safely home. If we are not part of a church like that, we should find one and become involved. It's hard to make it through life on our own, but with the help of God and our fellow Christians, we can overcome anything.


  1. Mike@oldfivepointer.comJuly 16, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    Amen Terry, Amen!

    Pastor Mike Cunningham
    New Covenant Baptist Church
    South Burlington, Vermont

  2. You can always find something to give out spiritual thought no matter the circustance. This was very good.

  3. Sorry about your problems. But I was really blessed by what the Lord said about it to you and thru you to me and others. Terry keep on listening and sharing.

  4. Frank Rothe, Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen, St. Johnsbury, VTJuly 17, 2010 at 7:14 AM

    I like this.

  5. Excellent analogy, Terry. It also shows us that we need to listen to those "wobbles"--the little warnings God gives us that something isn't right. Too often we ignore that uneasy feeling and find ourselves in situations that could have been avoided had we only been paying closer attention and not assumed we were okay. Glad things worked out for you. Isn't it funny how God uses our negative experiences to teach positive principles. Romans 8:28 in action for sure!

  6. I have heard of this happening, but you are the only one I personally know that has experienced it.

  7. Dr. Ken Lyle, Abilene, TexasJuly 17, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    Terry...glad you were not injured....hope all is well re getting the tire company to fix the matter

  8. Glad you are alright. The Lord was with you.

  9. When I read this I couldn't help but think that as parents we are quick to try to "Fix" whatever situation our kids get ourselves into... sometimes by being so quick to do so we cheat them out of "teachable moments"... Or opportunities to flex those muscles that build perseverance and character. Sometimes its important that our kids have to "change their own tires" or go through the process of "reaching out to others for help and guidance". I have to remember that the goal isn't to make the road as smooth as possible, but to build the life skills that enable our young people to succeed long after I'm no longer here.... :)) And the story of your day and the wobbly tire provides a great "teachable moment". Thanks for sharing :))