Thursday, May 17, 2012

Real Men Cry

I remember the day she was born. She was our first child and she was already two weeks overdue. It seemed like she would never come. Many hours of labor later, the doctor said that they needed to do an emergency c-section. A hundred scary thoughts went through our minds. But an hour later after a successful c-section, I held my healthy little girl in my arms.

Yes, I cried. Real men cry when they hold one of their children for the first time. The nurse wrote, "Good father-daughter bonding" on her chart. And I cried when she went off to kindergarten. And I cried when she was baptized. I still have the picture of that moment with my special treasures. And I cried when she graduated from high school. And I cried from South Carolina all the way to Pennsylvania when I dropped her off at college. And I cried two weeks ago when she graduated from college. I cried yesterday when I took a long walk and thought about how much I love her. And yes, I am even crying now as I write this post.

Tomorrow, she will be married. And I am sure I will cry. But that is okay because real men cry at special moments in the lives of their children. Weddings are one of the most special moments of all. So if you are going to be at the wedding tomorrow, bring a box of tissues.


  1. Four years ago I shared very similar thoughts on the day of my daughter's wedding. And, we keep on crying because sometimes when we fill up with joy it spills out of our eyes.
    Bless You and Yours!

  2. What a beautiful story. I've never met your daughter, but I'm sure with you and Kay for her parents, she is one lucky girl. Good job Pastor Terry - you have done a fine job so far. Have an amazing wedding and don't forget to take in all the sites, sounds, and smells.... you'll never want to forget this day!
    Congratulations to your whole family!

    Amanda Lockwood and the Boozan boys <3

  3. This is beautiful Terry, just like Katie. Know how much love you have in your heart. I hope the day goes smoothly for all and that it is blessed in every way!

  4. Terry, your a REAL man of God
    Thanks :)