Friday, May 18, 2012

Today is the BIG Day

Those of you who follow my blog regularly know that today my daughter will be married. After months of planning and hard work, the BIG day is finally here. Honestly, I am not sure I am really ready for it. Oh, do not get me wrong. My daughter is ready for it. Her fiance, a fine Christian young man, is ready for it. They are looking forward to an exciting adventure of attending seminary in San Francisco at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and then pursuing missionary service somewhere after they complete seminary. They are quite ready to begin their big adventure. They are very much in love. They are earnestly seeking to follow the Master's plan for their lives. Very few young couples are as ready for marriage as they are.

I am just not sure I am ready to let go. My daughter and I have always been close. We share many traits. The thought of turning her lose and sending her out into the world is painful. I have tried not to dwell on it too much these past few weeks. But I suppose I can no longer avoid thinking about it, since it all happens today.

But I know that I put her into the hands of a fine husband who will love her, protect her and care for her. I also know that I release her into the arms of another Father, who is far stronger, for more powerful and even more loving than I am.

I know they are going to have a great life. I know they are going to accomplish significant things for the Lord. I know they will be part of a generation that will make the world a better place. My mind knows all this, but my heart still wants my little girl to sit with me on the couch and talk about her day. Those days are gone. I know it. But I do not think I like it. I suppose in time, I will get used to it.

Logan, take care of my baby girl. She's all yours now.


  1. How sweet (I have a lump in my throat)! Katie is a fine young lady - you and Kay have raised her well! Blessings to you all on this special day!

  2. God bless you on this Wonderful day :)

  3. And Logan if you dont...You have one tough Aunt and Uncle and two tough lil cousins to answer to! ...Congrats Katie and Logan! A new life begins today but Terry don't worry...A girl never forgets her daddy!

  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! What a lucky woman Katie is to have such an AMAZING Father!!