Monday, January 7, 2013

In Memory of Roscoe Anderson

In my mind, I can see the golden streets of heaven at 2:15 PM today, each side of the street lined by the saints of old, cheering as Roscoe Anderson, one of God's greatest heroes, crossed the finish line to glory. Roscoe, being the humble man that he was, did not hear the cheers of the crowds, nor did he hear the whisper of angels' wings hovering overhead. Roscoe, as a faithful follower of Jesus, only heard the words of his Master say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into thy reward."

Roscoe Anderson was the layman who began Southern Baptist work in Vermont in 1961. He had very little formal education, but His knowledge of the Lord surpassed that of many great theologians. He was a prayer warrior for Vermont all the way to the end, calling me on a regular basis to pray with me. Though he was a man of modest means, he often would send small gifts from his meager income so that the Gospel could go forth in Vermont. Today, at 2:15 PM, he passed from this world into Glory and he is now with his beloved Savior and his precious wife Daisy, who preceded him in death many years ago.
I recall Roscoe sharing the story of how he knew God wanted him to come to Vermont to serve Him. When Roscoe visited Vermont to look things over, he asked God to give him a sign if he was to move to Vermont to do mission work. After several days with no sign from the Lord, Roscoe prepared to go to the airport. Just before he left for the airport to catch his plane, there was a plane accident at the connecting airport and his plane was rerouted away from Vermont. Back then there were only a couple of flights a day out of Vermont and Roscoe was suddenly stranded. Roscoe decided that was the sign he was waiting for and by faith went to look at houses. A stranger showed him a property that was perfect for a house and a church. Roscoe bought it and started Bible studies there. Eventually it grew into a church. From that humble beginning, by a Baptist layman, the Green Mountain Baptist Association was born.
Roscoe is a great example of a man who was willing to be used by God to do amazing things. I do not believe Roscoe ever realized the history he created in Vermont, nor the number of lives he had impacted for the Kingdom of God. Perhaps that is what made Roscoe so special.


  1. Sorry for the loss you feel, but glad you have have the joy of knowing he is in Heaven and joy of having him for friend and all the calls and prayers for the work you do.

  2. beautiful vision of heaven