Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding Support in Challenging Times

When people go through difficult times they will sometimes say things like “I know who my real friends are” in reference to the people who showed outward support during their trials. Such a comment is also a way to express disappointment with those whom did not show such outward support during the challenging time. It is a back handed way of saying, "I also know who are NOT my real friends."

While there is some truth to this sentiment, we must be careful not to judge people who did not appear to support us the way we wanted them to during a troubling time in our lives. Perhaps things were going on in their lives that kept them from being able to demonstrate their support as we had hoped. Maybe they did not talk to a friend who was going through cancer treatments because it brought back painful memories of a loved one who suffered terribly from cancer and died in great pain. Maybe they did not call a friend during a divorce because they are still dealing with the pain of their own divorce. We often forget that people around us have their own issues and those issues may keep them from expressing the support we wish they did when we go through our own rough times.

Becoming judgmental of them does not help the situation. If they are indeed our friends, then they are praying for us from a distance. That in itself is huge. When the moment is right, they will express whatever level of support they are able to, even if it is not when and how we had expected. But if we have cut them off already, with some judgmental comment, then we will lose what could have been an important source of support.

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  1. Bradley O'BrienJuly 15, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    I was saddened to learn that a couple we know endured a miscarriage. Didnt learn about it until their 3rd or 4th child was born.