Saturday, March 15, 2014

Staying Connected

All of us go through times in life when we feel lonely and disconnected. For most people, such feelings are a passing phase caused by something that resolves itself over time. But some people feel lonely and disconnected all the time. Though some people portray loneliness outwardly, many have become experts at hiding loneliness.

Regardless of how we act outwardly, inwardly we all long to feel part of a family, even if it is not a biological family. We desire to feel connected to other people and be part of something bigger than ourselves. But at the same time, because many of us have been hurt in past relationships, we are also cautious about entering into the very relationships we crave. This paradox creates relational challenges in our lives that if not resolved will keep us from forming deep and lasting friendships with others. We simply end up with a series of shallow surface relationships that never develop into anything of significant value. When we live our lives that way, it makes us feel disconnected, even though we may be surrounded by people and appear to have many friends. When we feel disconnected from other people, it also tends to make us feel disconnected from that “bigger than ourselves” thing we want to be part of. That can be a heavy burden to bear.

Jesus came to earth to help us become reconnected to other people and to feel connected to a God who is bigger than ourselves and has a plan for our lives. Though this world often seems like it is filled with chaos, God is working out His sovereign plan in a multitude of ways behind the scenes. For those who find connection with God, that sovereign plan always works out for good, though it may not feel like it in the midst of our daily experiences, and we find ourselves better connected to people too.

Though it may seem to defy logic, our spiritual lives and our relational lives are often wrapped up together. When we are more spiritually connected to God, we have better relationships with people. When we have better relationships with people, we often find it easier to engage in spiritual activities. Therefore, if we want to develop healthy relationships with others to meet our inner need, we must also develop our spiritual connection to God through knowing and understanding more about Jesus.

We can discover more about the life of Jesus by reading the four Gospels. The four Gospels tell us the story of Jesus from four different perspectives. As we read the Gospels, we begin to grasp the plan for how God the Father wants us to connect with Himself through His Son Jesus. Once we get connected to a God who is bigger than our own meager existence, we will find it easier to become more connected to other people.

So if we are feeling lonely or disconnected, let’s learn about Jesus and start reconnecting.

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