Friday, January 9, 2009

The Problem with "I"

Have you ever noticed how the middle letter of the word "pride" is an I? It's that focus on "I" that often gets us in trouble.

I was chatting with a relatively new Christian the other day and he was sharing with me that one of his greatest struggles with his new found faith is the level of pride that exists in many long term Christians. As he has become more involved in his church, he has had more opportunities to interact with people who have been Christians for a very long time. Instead of setting an example for him in faith and godliness, they seem to ooze pride from their very pores.

My friend knows that Christians are still human, and surely does not want to stand in judgment of others, but you can imagine how frustrating it is when the ones he looks to for advice are more full of themselves than they are full of the Spirit.

Though my friend happens to be an adult, I have met many young people who have similar struggles. Many young people would turn to faith in Christ more easily if it were not for all the Christians they meet in the process!

I know that pride is an issue I have to deal with constantly in my own life. I have come to believe that the longer you are a Christian, the more prone to pride you become. This was the problem the Pharisees had in the New Testament, and not much has changed about the human condition since then.

So if you want to invest yourself in younger believers, learn to let go of the "I" and shed the pride.

Dr. T.

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