Sunday, January 18, 2009

Young Church Planters

Today I attended the “chartering service” of a new church. Our church has been working in a nearby community for over two years, along with two other churches, to help establish this new mission. It was very exciting to be a part of their chartering experience. The core group of this new church is small, but stable. I was pleased to see four children present in the core group as well as two young adult ladies under 21 years old. It has been my experience in helping start new churches across our state that they often attract young people. Young people not only have the energy for such an adventure, but they don’t mind taking risks. That willingness to take risks is vital to establishing a new church.

In a day and age when people often think young people are just slackers and have little to offer, it is exciting to see them as a part of starting new churches. Just think about how those young people will grow and mature over the next twenty five years. They will be a vital part of reaching a community for Christ and watching a church go from infancy to maturity. It will be an exciting journey for them.

What can you do to encourage a young person to take a risk and help start a new church?

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