Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Body of Christ: United in Diversity

In addition to my church planting ministry across the state of Vermont, I also serve as the pastor of Faith Community Church in Barre, Vermont. Though I preach in churches of all types and sizes across the state and down the East Coast, I have grown to deeply appreciate Faith Community Church for it's huge love for a diverse group of people.

The church has long been known for reaching young adults and continues to be a very "young" congregation. But the church also has made it a point to welcome people from a diverse racial background. Though Vermont is 97.8% Anglo, the congregation is one of the most ethnically mixed in the state.

The church has regular attendees from Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Belize, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Korea, Canada and of course the United States. The church also has a growing number of African Americans. While such a racial mix might be common in more urban areas, Faith Community Church is located in a small community of less than 15,000. The church sees this racial and ethnic mix as a strength. Each person brings their own unique personality and culture to the church. The church as a whole is stronger because of the diversity within the congregation.

Those of us who worship at Faith Community Church on a regular basis see our Sunday morning services as a prelude to what heaven will be like, when people from every nation, tribe and language worship together before the throne.

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  1. I like seeing Churches with diverse racial, ehtnic and economical congregation. In Jesus, we are all one body. God bless.