Saturday, November 26, 2011

Resolving Unresolved Issues, Part Two

Previously I wrote an article about the importance of resolving issues in our lives. I gave suggestions for how to break down a long list of issues into manageable pieces so they could be worked on one at a time. As we enter the Christmas season, what a great time to begin to resolve all those past issues so that the holidays can be filled with joy instead of sadness. Though it takes courage, sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and start on the list.

Here are some suggestions for how to start this process:

1.  We can go buy a package of ten “thinking of you” cards and mail them to ten people whom we have unresolved issues with. Write a nice note inside about how we appreciate them. Mention how nice it would be to get together again and catch up on what God is doing in their lives. A hand written card that arrives through the mail will mean so much more than an email or a Facebook post.

2. We can take one hour to think of the three biggest disappointments in our lives and then take some ACTION today that begins the process over overcoming those three things. For example, if we are disappointed that we never finished high school, then look up the number for the local adult education center and call TODAY to set up an appointment to learn how to get a GED.

   3. We can write a long letter to ourselves expressing how we feel about some mistake we made in the past. Then give ourselves permission to forgive ourselves for that mistake. Cut the letter up into strips and burn one strip over the flame of a candle. As we watch that strip burn up, let go of that portion of the pain we feel from that past issue. The next day, burn another strip and let go of that portion of the pain. Do this each day until all the strips are burned. (Use common sense about fire safety.)

 4. We can volunteer to help someone else. Helping others often makes us feel better about our own lives and our situation. There are ample opportunities to volunteer during the Christmas season. Instead of stewing in our own pain and bitterness, break out of the rut and go make a difference in someone’s life.
Those sound easy enough right? We can do this!

What if the person that we need to resolve something with has already passed away or there is some other reason in which we cannot contact them? I’ll write about that tomorrow.


  1. took a short look and what I saw, is AWESOME!!!! Gonna take a closer look later, but, awesome content, and great ideas on how to deal with adullt issues, in a fresh, new if I dont get off of this computer, I am gonna be late for B.S. and will have to tell Carson it was your fault...and then I will have to send you a card this

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    I like this.