Friday, November 2, 2012

Where is Our Focus? Guest Post by Ann Wilson

Scripture:  Matthew 14:22-23

My parents were dairy farmers.  In the early days before the pasteurization of milk, my Dad and Mom bottled their milk and churned their own butter at home.  Then they sold the milk and butter to families living in the textile mill areas of our town.  It was hard work and required many hours to get it done.

I was a very small child when all this milk and butter was being pedaled.  I have only a few memories of that time.  The one that I can remember clearly was a time when Mom took the milk route herself so Dad could stay home and plow the field to get ready for a crop.  I was too young to be left at home by myself.  So Dad put me in a very large wooden box on the side of the field.  My snacks were a jar of water and saltine crackers.  I felt so safe there in my box as I focused on Dad as he plowed the ground.  My security lay in my father because I knew that he had his eye on me.

When Peter walked on the water to Jesus in Matthew 14:22-33 he was secure as long as he kept his focus on Jesus.  But when he looked down at the waves he began to sink.  When Jesus took hold of his hand, Peter was safe again.

What are we focusing on today?  Is it Jesus or the things of this world?  Only Jesus can bring us the peace and security that our hearts long for.
Ann Wilson has served in full-time Christian ministry for decades through her calling to be a church secretary. She writes devotionals that are published in church newsletters in South Carolina and is a recognized leader in missions education in her region.

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