Friday, December 21, 2012

Update on Tragedy in Newtown, CT - Guest Post from Mark Angerosa

It has been one week since the tragic events in Newtown took 26 lives.  My family and my church have been visibly shaken by this horrible news and I'm sure you are as well.

I would like all of us to keep Pastor Bryan Sims and Southbury Baptist Church in prayer.  Bryan has hosted several of our Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team members at his church, coordinated the Western Connecticut Baptist Association's efforts and trying to find out how and where God can use us to minister to the Newtown/Sandy Hook community.  That church is officially the WCBA's center for our "Newtown CT Response".  Given the intense attention that Newtown has received from around the world, our own efforts are being viewed long-term, with possible ministry developing in 2013 and beyond.  

Please be praying for Pastor John Revell of Stamford Baptist Church as well.  As a chaplain for the Stamford PD, John had some unique access to fire and police personnel.  Pastor Mark Smith has one member of North Park who is a cousin of an adult victim.  Several of our churches were involved in special church prayer services and community-wide vigils.  I trust the Lord used you and your ministry to bring strength, comfort, and clarity to your own church.  Our prayers and sympathies got out to all those suffering loss.

The larger Southern Baptist family has reached out to CT in a big way.  The Western Connecticut Baptist Association has received text messages, phone call, and e-mails with support and offers to help.  In the week after the shooting our web site had 872 hits.  I have responded to all those contacting the WCBA personally, and have posted updates on our website.  Please go to to view these and learn more about the Newtown CT Response.

Mark Angerosa is the Director of Missions for the Western Connecticut Baptist Association, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

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