Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Review - Jesus is His Name

In a culture that is quickly forgetting its rich Christian heritage, Rev. Drzymala writes an easy to read yet comprehensive book explaining who Jesus is. Entitled, Jesus Is His Name, the book starts with various Christophonies in the Old Testament and then moves through the life of Christ as recorded in the four New Testament Gospels. The book helps readers understand who Jesus is from the biblical perspective.

When I recently asked Rev. Drzymala why he wrote this book, he said, "I decided to write the book simply to point people to the person and work of Jesus Christ." He goes on to say "the main point of this book is that Jesus and Jesus alone can save us from our sins."

That kind of exclusiveness is not popular in our postmodern culture. Rev. Drzymala points out that though some modern scholars want to debate the historical Jesus by suggesting that the biblical account is inaccurate, but he refutes that using numerous scriptures. The book then jumps to the end of the New Testament to discuss the return of Christ as predicted in the book of Revelation. Unlike many discussions of the Revelation, Rev. Drzymala does not get into time lines and charts; instead he focuses on who Jesus is throughout that last book of the Bible. Finally, the book closes with an invitation for readers to make a personal commitment to following Christ. Though some readers may be taken aback by such an invitation in book form, what else would one expect from an author who describes himself as "an old fashion Baptist preacher?"

Rev. Drzymala told me in our interview that he was "hoping that unsaved will read the book and find Christ, and that new believers will read it and grow in their faith in Christ." He believes that his "readers will learn more about Jesus and who he is and what His plans are in the future regarding as His return." The book does a great job of dealing with those issues, so I join him in that hope.

I asked Rev. Drzymala if he could add another chapter to the book, what would it be? He replied, "If I added another chapter it would be titled "How will you respond to Jesus?" and would include all the different ways people respond to the Gospel." At the moment, Rev. Drzymala does not plan on writing additional books, but he also adds, "unless the LORD leads me too."

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