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Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively

When I first moved to New England to pastor a Baptist church, I was surprised to learn that the majority of my church members were from non-Baptist backgrounds. They were drawn to the church by the solid Bible teaching and the rich fellowship, not by denominational connection. Twenty years later, though still very loyal to my own denomination, I have become quite comfortable serving in inter-denominational situations that are common in New England. I think this is a skill most pastors are going to have to gain for effective ministry in the years to come.

One of the issues I had to overcome was the vast differences of opinion on how the spiritual gifts should be applied to church life. I had a set idea of what I thought the spiritual gifts were and how they should be used. Some members of my little church had vastly different views. Many of the members had no understanding of the gifts at all. When I tried to push my ideas onto the congregation, the push back I got was that my views were based on my denominational background, not on scripture. Though that challenge stung, on reflection, I found it to be true. I decided to rethink the issue based on scriptures instead of a pre-written statement of faith produced by any man-made denomination. After months of study, many of my views remained the same. Some changed a little. Some changed a lot. Over the years I have continued to refine my understanding of the gifts based on scripture. In the process I have created numerous Bible studies to help address this issue in the churches I have served. Now I have put all of what I have learned together into a new book entitled “Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively.”

This book is useful for both individual study and small groups. The premise of the book is that our understanding of spiritual gifts must flow from a Biblical basis and emphasize how the gifts work together for the greater effectiveness of the church. Though it is impossible to completely remove my denominational position, after so many years of working in inter-denominational situations, I think the book is one of the more balanced on the subject.

All the proceeds from the book will be used to help my youngest son become a missionary. He has already spent 78 days in Haiti working in an orphanage last summer and will spend four months in Thailand in the fall helping with faith-based economic development programs. He will then return to the U.S. to finish another three semesters of college before launching his missionary career. Your purchase will not only be a blessing to your own study of scripture, but it will help him pursue his missionary passion.

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What others are saying about Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively:
Dr. Terry W. Dorsett forthrightly approaches this controversial subject with a conversational style.  He faithfully applies scriptural concepts with sincere convictions.  He understands that spiritual gifts are not for enjoyment or entertainment but for the enrichment of the body of Christ.  Read this book to be inspired and instructed and to increase your effectiveness as a believer.  I commend it to you!
Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey, author of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice
 and Don’t Miss the Revival! Messages for Revival & Spiritual Awakening from Isaiah.

Terry Dorsett has written a practical and insightful study on the purpose and practice of spiritual gifts. Dr. Dorsett applies his rich Biblical knowledge to this issue, with a warm and user-friendly style that allows everyone to gain a greater depth of understanding. Whether used in a small group or as an individual study, everyone who opens this book will be greatly encouraged. Churches and individual Christians alike will benefit from the study of the spiritual gifts, and Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively is just the resource they need.

Rev. Michael Duncan, Pastor and Author
From Vision to Victory

Terry Dorsett does a thorough job of providing both a good overview of this complex subject and great questions for discussion. Using this book in small groups should provide opportunity for greater learning and use of the gifts God gives His people!"

Rev. Joel L. Rissinger
Lead Pastor - Mill Pond Church
Author of "The Crucified Church"

Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively is very thorough and explains in practical terms how our spiritual gifts can be used effectively in our Christian walk. The book uses both scripture and questions, which lead to thought provoking conversations. The section on the gift of service was particularly good. In that chapter Terry Dorsett reminds us that "because the person with the gift of service is often the first person to volunteer for everything, they may become involved in so many different ministries that none of them can be done well." This is important. I would use this book in developing leaders and encouraging young adults to find their place in the church body.

Captain Kimberly DeLong
The Salvation Army

No responsible church leader would dare question the crucial, all important role of the Holy Spirit in the life and operation of the local church. To do so would be to strike at the very heartbeat of the Body of Christ. Whether the individual—the first unit of the church—or the Body as a whole, at every level the church is dependent on the Holy Spirit for energy, knowledge, and leadership. Sadly, many congregations are yet to realize the powerful benefits of the Spirit’s presence and operation, benefits that extend to God-glorifying vision, growth, and vitality. Dr. Terry Dorsett has taken an enlightening step toward correcting such church-based deficiencies.

In his book, Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively, Dorsett explores the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the church from the perspective of the Spirit’s equipping work in believers through spiritual gifts. Asking that readers set aside the numerous viewpoints related to spiritual gifts and approach the subject with an open mind, Dorsett provides a fresh and thoroughly biblical look at how each gift is intended to build the church by strengthening believers through effective, mutual ministry. This he accomplishes with skill and clarity.

Dorsett’s years as an instructor are clearly evident in this book. He has created an interactive workbook that is at the same time engaging and instructive. Always giving weight to a wealth of Scripture references, readers are encouraged to respond to questions and concepts that build an undeniable case for the discovery and use of spiritual gifts as the church’s primary ministry tools. True to the book’s title, Dorsett is careful to not only direct the reader conceptual truth, he demonstrates in very practical terms how to utilize the Spirit’s gifting in very effective ways within the Body of Christ.

Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively is a must read for individuals believers and groups of believers. It is not an overstatement to say that this workbook should be studied as standard curriculum for entire churches that wish to grow on the most scriptural basis possible. The book is readable, challenging, and highly recommended.
Dr. Gerald Roe, Chair of the Department of Intercultural Studies, North Greenville University
and author of Where Would Jesus Go to Church

Dr. Dorsett’s latest book is a great introduction to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. His years of experience in dealing with new believers and small groups shines through as he tackles subject material that is often neglected on one hand, or over emphasized on the other; all the while staying well within the bounds of Baptist theology. Its interactive style plays well with small groups, or individuals, looking for a basic Biblical understanding of spiritual gifts. If you want to train members of your congregation, and encourage dialog, if you want to edify, and build up the Body, and Bride of Christ through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, this would be a good source to turn to.

Russell C. Lambert, President
Life Passage Ministries
Merrill, Oregon

In his latest book, Teaming Up: Using our Spiritual Gifts Effectively, Dr. Terry Dorsett offers some very helpful analysis on the Biblical subject of spiritual gifts. The scriptural truths concerning spiritual gifts has often been convoluted and even corrupted.  But in each lesson in this book, Dr. Dorsett brings clarity and understanding to this topic.  Rather than declaring war on opposing viewpoints, he carefully examines each spiritual gift mentioned in the New Testament.  And in the process, he convinces all of us as believers to ascertain our area of spiritual giftedness and what our function is in the body of Christ.  My fellow-believer, you should read this book!

David E. Owen
Preacher, Pastor, Evangelist

Spiritual disciplines and spiritual gifts are often the most overlooked and underutilized aspect of the daily Christian walk. If we are striving to be more like Christ then understanding these principles to be more like Him and helping others to be more like Him is essential. Do not let the brevity of this work fool you. Dr. Terry Dorsett does an amazing job at unpacking what spiritual gifts are, how to better understand them and practical ways to apply them to your daily living. This book has the potential to change your relationship with Christ and others in a real and dynamic way.

John Rowe, M.Div., M.S.W.
Hospice Chaplain

In his book, “Teaming Up: Using Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively,“ Dr. Terry W. Dorsett takes on one of the most important subjects in the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and specifically the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is sometimes a confusing topic to understand, even among mature Christians, but Dr. Dorsett writes with clarity and wisdom about this topic.

What I think is most beneficial in the book is that he tackles hard questions concerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as,  the difference between natural abilities and spiritual gifts, how do we receive our gifts and why and how to properly use spiritual gifts. Dr. Dorsett reminds us, least we become prideful, that our gifts are from God and to be used for His purpose in building up the church.

What is the difference between most of us and the spiritual giants that we read about in Christian biographies? Why are we lacking in power, purpose, and persistence in making an impact in our churches and this world today? Why do ministers often feel empty, tired and spiritually dried up? The answer to all of these questions are related to the filling of the Holy spirit and the proper use of recognizing and using the spiritual gifts that God has so graciously given us.

Dr. Dorsett helps to engage his readers by explaining the Biblical truths concerning spiritual gifts and then asking the reader questions. Questions that all of us need to ask ourselves if we want to be used of God and effect in His service. Using our spiritual gifts will bring us joy and fulfillment, and will bring glory to God and a lasting impact on our world.
If you want to use your spiritual gift effectively, I encourage all Christians to read this book and apply the truths so you can team up with God to bring Him glory and this world more truth and light. I highly recommend this much needed book.

Dennis J. Hester, editor and compiler of, Holy Desperation, How to Find God When You Need Him Most

Terry Dorsett has written a much needed book on spiritual gifts and how the gifts function in the local church. He deals thoroughly with issues from confusion about spiritual gifts to the various gifts that function in the church. It is like an encyclopedia on spiritual gifts and will be a great resource for everyone desiring to know how to use spiritual gifts effectively and the impact that spiritual gifts can have in the ministry of the local church.

Steve Foster, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Snellville, Georgia


  1. Gail Lynne SimpsonApril 10, 2014 at 10:20 AM

    Pastor Terry you are a true inspiration to me. Your teaching taught me the meaning of Gods word. Thank you for beginning me on the journey to a closer walk with our Lord and Savior. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  2. I am looking forward to reading this book. I am so excited to read that the proceeds will go to help fund your son's missionary ministry. That is so cool!

  3. Brilliant article,its very inspring.