Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Books for a Great Cause!

I am proud of all three of my kids, each of whom have entered adulthood without self-destructing on the landmines that hurt so many young people. As a proud parent, I want to help each of my children fulfill their dreams. Let me tell you about one of those dreams. One of my sons, Jonas, is about to embark on a four month trip to Thailand. He will engage in faith-based community development projects through a special program with the Christian college he attends. He is looking forward to the adventure and to sharing his faith in a way that fits his personality and abilities. To help make all this possible, I am donating ALL the proceeds of ALL of my books during the month of July to help supplement the cost of his trip. You can find the whole list of books at this link:

I am also running a 99 CENT special until July 21 on the Kindle versions of three of those books. You can get all three e-books for what would normally be the price of one. The three books are described below, with a link to each book to make it easy to find.

Teaming Up: Learning to Use Our Spiritual Gifts Effectively
This book helps readers learn how to use their spiritual gifts in conjunction with other people in the body of Christ so churches can function more effectively. Great for either individual or group study.

Malachi: Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity
This book helps readers take a fresh look at the Old Testament book of Malachi. A book that is often seen in a negative light actually has a powerful thread of hope running through it. Great for either individual or group study.

Touching the Footprints of Jesus
This book is a month long daily devotional guide that takes readers on a journey of the Holy Land. Based on a trip my wife and I took to the Holy Land, readers will see how the scriptures relate to the geographic and historic places that Christians and Jews have valued for centuries. All the pictures in this book were taken by my wife.

I have another book about to come out. That book is entitled "The Heavenly Mundane: Daily Devotions from Ordinary Experiences." All the proceeds from that book for the rest of 2014 will also support this trip. Watch my blog, Facebook page and twitter account for upcoming announcements about that book.

Feel free to hit share this post with others so that as many as possible can hear about how they can help.

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