Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Helping Children Learn the Bible

When I first started in ministry I served on staff at one of America's largest churches, Thomas Road Baptist Church. I was on a pastoral team that served the spiritual needs of the children in the congregation. One of my ministries was to teach a fourth grade Sunday School class that had 70 children in it on a regular basis. It was a challenge, but also a lot of fun.

One of the things I learned through that four and half year ministry was that kids do not want to sit and listen to someone talk. They want to do something. As I served in that role I began to develop a variety of Bible puzzles, games and other activities that would help children learn the Bible in fun and creative ways. Though I later moved on to minister to teens and eventually became the pastor of a church, I never forgot the importance of involving people in active learning. Over the years I have used those puzzles and activities in a variety of ways and kept refining them and improving them.

One spring I worked with an editor to assemble all those puzzles, activities and games into a book called Bible Brain Teasers: Fun Adventures Through the Bible. The book was distributed to over 2,000 children in Vermont as part of the follow up program for 38 different Vacation Bible Schools. It was also used extensively by Spanish speaking churches in Connecticut which had a large number of English speaking children. One foundation placed copies of it in the children's section of every public library in Vermont. I pray that it continues to touch many lives with the Gospel for years to come and that many children will be in heaven as a result of this simple book of Bible puzzles and activities.

One thing that makes this puzzle book stand out differently than other Bible puzzle books is that children must use the Bible to find the answers. This was part of the plan, to create a fun way to get children to actually study the Bible, not just complete an activity as "busy work." Perhaps your children or grandchildren would benefit from working through the puzzles in this book? If so, you can purchase a copy at THIS LINK.


Dr. Terry W. Dorsett is an author and Christian leader in New England. He is a happy husband, proud father, adoring grandfather and thankful cancer survivor. You can find his books at:

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