Saturday, June 16, 2012

Joy and Sorrow

My youngest son, Jonas, graduated from high school today. It was an occasion filled with joy as we watched him cross the stage and enter into a new phase of life. He has done well in high school, having been on both the basketball and football teams for his entire high school career, as well being on the track team for half a season after basketball ended. He is well liked by both his fellow students and his teachers. He won several awards during this past week and has a bright future ahead of him. In August he will move to the Philadelphia area where he will be a student at a Christian college in the area. He will major in economic development and minor in missions with the hope of using economic develop as a basis for faith based projects in under-developed nations around the world.

But today also held moments of sorrow, since he is our youngest child and the last to graduate. Kay was pregnant with him when we moved to Vermont to begin our ministry and it is hard to believe so many years have passed as we have toiled in our spiritual labors. He is also the child we nearly lost in that near fatal car accident that we had so many years ago. Thank God for His grace!

Kay and I no longer have any “children” in our home. Just young adults. It is the passing of an era for us and life will be completely different from this point forward. I am not sure we are ready for this, but the time is upon us so we have to accept it. So even as we are filled with joy at what God is doing in the lives of all three of our children, there are moments of sorrow in our hearts when we think about all our children being gone from home. Where did all the time go?

If you still have children living in your home, enjoy every moment, as the time passes far too quickly.



  1. Could you have posted a tissue warning prior to this blog. Thanks T!

  2. Dear Terry & Kay,

    You must be extremely proud of Jonas with all of his accomplishments through H.S. I understand your mix of sorrow & joy as I had to experience the same emotions when both of my sons graduated H.S. You should be proud of yourselves as well because you've been the best parents you could be to all three of your children. They've all turned out wonderfully. You've laid a good foundation for their future. Jonas's chosen majors in college are exemplary and a testimony of your parenting. God specifically chose you & Kay for that role in their lives. Congratulations to you both. The empty nest syndrome will get less and less as time goes on. Now you've got grandchildren to look forward to in the future.

    Thanks for reminding me to enjoy Cyrias (CJ) as he heads off to Spaulding in the fall. He too is a very special teen with lots to offer this world. I'm praying he makes good choices that will lead to good results.

    All the best to Jonas as he heads off to Eastern University. I'm sure he'll shine there.

  3. Pastor,

    Well said and agree! Doesn't life seem like a book sometimes. The turning of every page is something so meaningful and eventful. If people could just slow down and enjoy the beginning and middle of the book ( their lives), then the end would be that more fulfilling! I am blessed with this chapter of my life with a loving wife, family and friends. It's a great book! #1 on my list. You and Kay have also been blessed with such wonderful children (young adults now!) and the story will continue.

    God bless,


  4. Ralph G, WaterburyJune 17, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Congratulations Terry on a job well done.

  5. Now you know how we feel. It is hard and you do just have to get use to it. But you never like it. You have 3 wonderful children and they will all be wonderful adults. You and Kay and God have done a wonderful job.

  6. Keep in mind that the empty nest is ahead--enjoy these days. When they come back they bring others with them. By the way, parenting is never over!!!!

  7. Dear Terry,
    When I had children at home I knew of people who could not wait for their children to leave home. I was never one of those.
    I not only cried at graduation I cried during the home coming parade when our last daughter was a senior.
    But God fixes it for you, it is absolutely amazing, so hang in there, there will come a day when they are there with all their children and
    you will be happy that they came to vist and happy when they leave. I know you cannot believe that now, neither did I,
    but itt happens; part of the aging process or part of God's plan so you are not grieving forever.


  8. I'm with you bro, and pray God will give you grace to enter this new phase of your life as well. Donna and I too have experienced this as you know, but trust me when I say: "they come home"!

    Love you my brother,
    David Lee

  9. Very well said. Feel your heart! Just know there are new and unexpected joys to come!!

  10. As for the joys and sorrows of being without children...I'll loan you a couple fo mine for a week. You'll get over it quick!

  11. Hey Pastor,

    My parents went through some time of "empty nest" as the world calls it, but they soon became accustomed to the life without my sister and I at home. I know it was a new adventure to talk with them as we matured from adolescents into adults. May God bless your children in all that they do, and both of you as you start this new chapter of your life.

    In Christ,


  12. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I've been busy this weekend with the graduation and then the big party, so I have not been able to be online and respond to each comment individually. But thanks for sharing your encouraging words. God bless each one of you.