Tuesday, May 14, 2013

God Uses Refrigerators for His Glory

Recently my wife and I moved from a lovely 1860's farmhouse on a hill in rural Vermont to a contemporary condo in a large housing complex just outside Hartford, Connecticut. We made this move so that we would be in a place for God to use us to stir up church planting efforts across the state of Connecticut. We only know a handful of people in Connecticut and most of them are either pastors or in some other type of Christian ministry position. But having been involved in church planting in Vermont for nearly two decades, we know God would connect us to unchurched people at the right time to see something new birthed for His glory in Connecticut.
After being here a few weeks, without being able to connect with any unchurched people yet, I was beginning to get a bit frustrated. I earnestly prayed that God would let me share His love with someone who really needed it. Little did I realize how God would do it.
Since moving into the condo, our refrigerator messed up several times and stopped working. Though it had a warranty, and the repair costs were covered, it was still frustrating for it to mess up several times, have to throw food away and wait for a repairman to come. The same repairman came twice in a row. He finally he got it fixed by replacing lots of parts. His name is Thomas.* Thomas had a pleasant personality and he and I chatted about various things both times he came. At the end of his second visit I felt led to talk to him about the Lord. To my surprise, he was very open to the conversation and told me he is a Christian who had fallen out of church. We talked about starting a Bible study in our home as a way for him to return to the Lord and try to get back into the habit of going to church again. He seemed very interested. I gave him all my contact info. Now I have to wait for the Spirit to work in his life.
I realized that this was the real reason my refrigerator had been messing up, so I could meet Thomas and talk about the Lord with him. God works in mysterious ways and this was just one example. I happen to think that a couple of jars of mayonnaise going bad is worth a soul! I praise the Lord that He can even use a broken refrigerator for His glory.
Join me in praying that Thomas will follow through and want to study the Bible with me.
*To protect my new friend's privacy I have changed his name, but the Lord knows what his real name is, so pray for Thomas and the Lord will translate those prayers into the right identify.

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  1. Another example of God working thru bad circumstances. Will have to share this one with our Children's Church. This has been our subject for 2 months and the kids really "get" it.