Saturday, June 22, 2013

Practical Help for Bivocational Pastors

For many years I served as a bivocational pastor and as a ministry leader assisting bivocational pastors. During that time I learned a lot about various aspects of being bivocational. I have written many articles over the years that address those various aspects. Yesterday a good friend of mine wrote an article on the subject of bivocationalism. After reading that article, it occurred to me that perhaps having all the articles I written on bivocational ministry listed in one place might be helpful to others. Therefore, the list is below. Happy reading.

Bivocationalism and Young Adults

Challenges of Being a Bivocational Pastor as a Young Adult

Dealing with Pastoral Burn Out in Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational Ministry is NOT Negative

Bivocational Ministry is Normal

Bivocational Ministry is Becoming More Common

Bivocational Pastors Burn Out if they Do not Delegate

Importance of Bivocational Pastors Sharing Leadership in the Church

The Bivocational Life

Healthy Bivocational Churches are led by Teams

Lay People in Bivocational Churches Will Help if Trained

The Local Church is the Best Place for Training Lay People to Help Bivocational Pastors in Ministry

Formal Theological Education is Helpful But Not Required in Bivocational Ministry

Real Life Challenges of Bivocational Ministry

Real Life Advantages of Bivocational Ministry

How Important are Lay Preachers in Bivocational Churches?

Helping Bivocational Pastors Avoid Burn Out

Could Pastors of Small Churches Be Out-Sourced?

Libraries Given Books on Bivocational Ministry

Helping Pastors in Small Churches Learn to Delegate

Developing Leadership Teams in the Bivocational Church

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