Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why We Should Have a Daily Quiet Time

When I was in the 8th grade my Sunday School teacher taught us how to have a daily quiet time with God. This included Bible reading and prayer. I started having this time with God and it has sustained me through many years of life. As a young person, I naively believed that every Christian shared my passion for a daily quiet time. As I have gotten older, I realized just how few people really do. In an effort to help people develop this important spiritual discipline, I wrote Touching the Footprints of Jesus, a 28 day devotional guide based on a trip my wife and I went on to the Holy Land with a group of pastors from New England. It was an amazing week as we visited the places we had learned about in seminary and preached to others about for years. Throughout the trip I made notes of what the Spirit was speaking to me. Though my notes were originally only for my own spiritual edification, a few months after the trip I realized that others might be as blessed by the experience as I was. This devotional guide grew out of those notes, and is a picture into my soul of what the Lord taught me as a result of the trip. It is my prayer that readers will be blessed as they touch the footprints of Jesus, and that they will relearn the spiritual discipline of having a daily quiet time with God.

The devotional guide can be found in either digital or print form at this link:

I also wanted to include the link for the Malachi bible study book I wrote last year. Many people have found it helpful in their study of that great Old Testament book.

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