Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy 95th Birthday Billy Graham

Happy 95th birthday Billy Graham!!!!

As a child I remember attending the Billy Graham crusade in Chicago. I was little so I regret that I do not remember much of the sermon, only that we sat a long way from the front and Dr. Graham looked so small. Little did I realize then the BIG impact that man would have on America.

Many years later I would watch one of the crusades on television and realize just how great a Gospel focused preacher he was. He has preached to more people in person than anyone else alive today. Millions have responded to the Gospel around the world as a result of his ministry.

Today, November 7, 2013, he turns 95 years old. Unlike so many "famous" Christian celebrities, he has never fallen to the sins of the famous. He has kept his marriage vows. He has kept his financial integrity. He refused to toy with the more "sensational" issues of the day that might distract from his focus on Jesus. At some point soon, he will hear the Master say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into your reward."

Though that day may come soon, while Billy still has breath within him, he wants to use that breath to preach the Gospel. Starting tonight, and going through Sunday, a special program will be airing on television. It is Billy Graham's last message of hope to America. It is called "The Cross." I watched the program a few weeks ago at the Billy Graham headquarters in Charlotte, NC. It is powerful. The program will be aired on cable stations across the nation as well as local stations. You can use the link below to find out when it is playing in your area.

There are also 210,000 homes across the nation that have committed to gathering a small group of friends and watching the program together either through the Internet, a DVD, or through the broadcast schedule. Someone in the group will then share a short testimony of their own faith in Christ and invite anyone present who has not yet made a commitment to Christ to consider doing so.

You should watch the program. You should invite a friend to watch it with you. You should pray for hundreds of thousands of people across America to respond to presentation of the Gospel. Pray that this may be Billy's best crusade ever before he goes home to meet his Father.


  1. Denise Dorsett KisseeNovember 7, 2013 at 10:17 PM

    I remember that crusade too and I remember the music and bits and pieces of the sermon and the mass of people that went forward and gave their lives to Jesus.

  2. I am so surprised that you kids even remembered going since you were so small. There were great singers there and it was a very big deal and priviledge to get to go and see and hear Billy Graham and all the singers in person. Dad was a counselor.