Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrating Twenty Years of Ministry in New England

Today marks mine and my wife's 20th anniversary as missionaries in New England. During these many years we have been involved in church planting and church revitalization in one form or another, mostly focusing on Vermont and Connecticut. It has been a glorious time and we do not regret our move to New England on a snowy night in the first weekend of November in 1993.
We have seen many new churches started. We have seen many unchurched people find faith in Christ. We have seen many Christians strengthened in their faith.  We look forward to many more years in New England and remain convinced that God wants to bring revival to America again and that it will happen through His efforts in New England.

As I reflect in our time here, I must confess though that at times I get weary in the work. The Lord always sustains me, but from time to time my body and spirit grow weak. I am thankful for people like Phil Waldrep, who hosts an annual Pastor and Wives Retreat that helps my wife and I recharge every year. I am thankful for people like Ann Wilson, the secretary at Eureka Baptist Church in Anderson, SC, who has stood with us in prayer and financial support every month for twenty years. She is the only person left from our original support team that has remained faithful all this time. I am also thankful for all the people whom I will never meet on this side of heaven who have read about us in a mission magazine or newsletter and have prayed, given financially, volunteered of their time, or advocated on our behalf. The Lord has seen your efforts and He is answering your prayers.

As we enter into the next twenty years of ministry in New England, we do not know exactly what lies ahead, but we know that the Lord is still on the throne and He still loves us despite our shortcomings, and that gives us great comfort. A new crop of young people are coming to New England to minister. They are full of energy and creative ideas and innovative styles and that gives us great hope for the future. Though we may grow weary from time to time, the Lord never grows weary and He never sleeps. And that gives us the greatest peace anyone can imagine. Thank you Lord, and thank you New Englanders, for letting us serve alongside of you.


  1. Wow, has it been 20 years already son, I remember that day too and yep, it was snowing and I did not think they had real roads in that part of the country. I knew you and Kay had truly been called by God and you came to do that which you were called to do. May God give you the strength you need each day. Blessings as you go forth in CT.

  2. Happy Anniversary fellow missionaries! Doing another 20?