Sunday, July 22, 2012

Haitian Mission Trip Report - Part Six

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our recent mission trip to Haiti. If you missed any of the posts, you can review them at the links below:

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As I bring our report to a conclusion, I thought I would list some general observations I made while in Haiti.
1. The only "new" cars I saw in Haiti were UN hum bees, US Aid trucks, Red Cross Land Rovers, and vans with Christian relief agency logos on the side. Everything else looked like it had seen better days, many, many years ago!

‎2. Most of the young people had cell phones, even in rural Haiti where they did not have running water or flush toilets! They seemed quite adept at texting and many are on Facebook, I have already friended one person I met in Haiti.

3. There are Christian relief activities going on all over the island and apparently they are effective. Though we did see several tent cities with either UN tents or UNICEF tents, we did see any people who actually looked like they were starving. Clearly there are some poor people, but not the abject poverty we were expecting, and the credit for that goes to all those relief agencies.

‎4. American Christians have clearly made a statement about the love of Christ to the Haitian people. One Haitian said, "God has blessed America because they are a giving people. They give people, they give food, they give money, Americans are givers, not takers." One of the missionaries told me that a common Haitian saying since the earthquake is, "A terrible earthquake came, but then it started raining white people." And those people just keep giving and giving and giving. Baptists are particularly well represented. It was gratifying to know that all our prayers and financial contributions are actually making a difference.
I am thank that the Lord allowed me to take part in this mission endeavor and pray that He will open doors for additional international mission service in the future.

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  1. Pastor Terry,
    Thank you for sharing about your trip to Haiti. It has been such a blessing to read your blog and see all of the Facebook photos about the teams experience. Praying that God continues to use you and many others from our church to reach the world for Jesus!